Blonde Honey Cream Ale Beer

High fermentation blonde beer, it's distinguished by the addition of Sicilian black bee honey.
It has a bitter but very refreshing taste and is moderately alcoholic.

Typology: Cream Ale, inspired by the American Light Lager, ale fermentation but with lager yeasts typical of pilsner.
Color: straw yellow, with golden and greenish reflections.
Aroma: floral, with fresh hops, with citrus and honey notes and a very pronounced malt flavor.
Taste: light body, excellent harmony, balanced and dry taste with predominance of hops, has a pleasant bitter aftertaste accompanied by sensations of fresh malt and honey.
Gastronomic combination: appetizers in general, fresh cheeses, pasta dishes, risottos and white sauces, main courses of fish or white meats. Desserts and dried white nougat.
Prize: Birra Slow Food 2017
IBU: 28 - PLATO: 14,4 - VOL: 5,8

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