Fine Salt

Only Sicilian Food's Sicilian Sea salt is a "UNIQUE" salt of its kind and finds its peculiarities for the geographical position of the salt marshes of Trapani and Marsala, which derive the "raw material", the sea water, from one of the cleanest and most preserved stretches of the Mediterranean since it's present in the Marine Protected Reserve area.

In integral sea salt iodine naturally binds to other minerals, forming a very healthy complex. In fact, several studies have shown how this product is a real panacea for our well-being. Starting from its energizing and revitalizing powers, to end to all its effectiveness in terms of prevention of many diseases.

The integral sea salt is able to keep the teeth healthy, avoiding the formation of caries thanks to the fluoride content.

The integral sea salt is also excellent for counteracting the unaesthetic effects detectable on the skin following the aging process. In this regard it can be very useful to take a bath with whole sea salt. One kilo and a half of this product is placed in the tank, making it melt in hot water. This strategy proves to be very useful in case of swelling, irritation, acne and insect bites. It is also used in wellness centers as an exfoliating dermo.

If you suffer from back pain, muscle disorders, or if you have minor contractures or distortions, sea salt can be very useful. It is always the strategy to dissolve it completely in the hot water of the bathtub. Then you dive, bringing a real relief.

Various studies have shown that a glass of water, in which a teaspoon of sea salt has been dissolved, is able to exert an anti-stress action, also counteracting anxiety and depression, especially if, after drinking this solution, we expose ourselves abundantly in the light of the sun.

Sea salt is also excellent for soothing the inflammation of the tissues, exerting a purifying action against the skin. We prepare a solution based on two tablespoons of salt in a liter of water. Mix everything and then use it to gently massage your face. It is also an excellent solution to remedy the negative effects that the city smog can have on the skin.

The integral sea salt, used to season our favorite dishes, is easily absorbed by the body and contains many trace elements that can promote the physiological processes that affect the cells. Not only does it promote the alkaline pH, but it stimulates the immune system, gives vitality and energy and acts against the problems of concentration and loss of memory.

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