We at Only Sicilian Food want to let the world know that there is not only the large food distribution and the big brands, but above all the small producers and small companies, which starting from their family history and territorial allocation, daily with passion and love they cultivate, produce and manufacture excellent quality agro-food and beverage products. The Mediterranean diet has been recognized by UNESCO as a HUMANITY heritage for its excellent territorial biodiversity and for its natural taste, flavor and color.

Sicily, land of culture, of millenary history, with its cosmopolitan arts, populations and religions that have taken place throughout history have certainly influenced our life and our food, the trades and the life of our people. It has made the Sicilian people a lover of good food, good and healthy cuisine.

FOOD unites, brings people and peoples closer together, creates communion between the different social strata, creates conviviality around the table, unites families and friends. We firmly believe that we can improve life and relationships between peoples by sharing the desire for sharing and culture.

"Mangiare, รจ incorporare un territorio".
-Jean Brunhes-